Stay safe with protective gear built for the rigors of fighting fires and responding to emergencies.

Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE for Firefighters

PPE, or personal protective equipment, keeps firefighters safe through even the most dangerous blazes. While wearing PPE is important while fighting a fire, using the right chemicals and machinery to wash them off keeps you and your team safe from health hazards like carcinogens and respiratory irritants. Firefighters can trust that Curtis - Tools for Heroes carries a full line-up of firefighting PPE ranging from protective apparel to cleaning agents for maximum safety. 

The Top PPE Firefighting Brands

Our PPE firefighting gear includes turnout gear, helmets, masks, boots, gloves, and more from the top name brands in the industry, such as FireCraft, CrewBoss, Bullard, and Cairns. From head to foot, you can rely on safe protection from fire risks like burns, chemical exposure, smoke inhalation, and falling debris. No matter what kind of fire you’re fighting, Curtis - Tools for Heroes provides a variety of dependable firefighting PPE equipment.

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