• MSA G1 SCBA Eclipse Cylinders


    MSA G1 SCBA Eclipse Cylinders

    The G1 Eclipse Cylinder for use with the G1 SCBA. The G1 Eclipse Cylinders are yet another example of MSA's commitment to providing innovative options for the G1 SCBA Platform. Eclipse Cylinders have a lightweight design and come in an exciting black...
    $1,698.56 - $1,992.02
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  • MSA G1 RIT System


    MSA G1 RIT System

    Built for extreme conditions the MSA G1 RIT Systems meet the needs of Rapid Intervention Teams (RITs) and provides firefighters with emergency breathing air within almost any situation quickly and easily. Versatile systems enables selection of the right...
    $4,524.03 - $5,963.61
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  • MSA G1 SCBA Cylinder for Remote Connection


    MSA G1 SCBA Cylinder for Remote Connection

    Choose from a complete line of air cylinders, including lightweight carbon, economical aluminum or affordable composite. Choose from eight different cylinders, each designed especially for MSA Air Masks. Available in high and low pressure with air supply...
    $1,276.08 - $2,379.76
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  • R&B Fabrications Cyli-Strap

    R&B Fabrications

    R&B Fabrications Cyli-Strap

    The Cyli-Strap now makes it easy to carry two compressed air cylinders. Just loop each end over the valve of a cylinder and you're ready to go. Great for high-rise applications, trenches, tunnels, ravines or any situation where bottles have to be carried...
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  • American Air Works Thread Saver 02

    American Air Works

    American Air Works Thread Saver

    American Air Work Thread Saver helps prevent serious valve thread damage that will disable your SCBA just when you need it most. It provides protection by keeping dirt, dust, mud, grit, sand, snow, ice and water away from your LP or HP cylinder valve...
    $4.50 - $4.85
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  • Ziamatic Plastic QUIC-STORAGE Rack 01


    Ziamatic Plastic QUIC-STORAGE Rack

    Keeps your SCBA cylinders and fire extinguishers protected and organized Rugged, molded stackable plastic Fits any air cylinder and most common 20 lb. or smaller extinguishers Units may be mounted horizontally or vertically Strategically-placed holes...
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  • Ziamatic Horizontal Steel QUIC-STORAGE Rack Yellow 01


    Ziamatic Horizontal Steel QUIC-STORAGE Rack - Yellow

    Keep SCBA cylinders, fire extinguishers, and other cylindrical items safe and organized This unit is ideal for storing 5.3 in. x 7.4 in. diameter cylinders Configured for horizontal mounting Yellow PVC-coated steel Each unit measures 7.75 in. x 7.75 in...
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