Firefighting PPE Boots

Choosing the best turnout gear includes finding the right firefighter PPE boots that can handle the rough conditions of the job. At Curtis - Tools for Heroes, we understand that the ideal structure firefighting boots provide a strong grip on uneven or slippery surfaces while preventing injuries like burns, cuts, hard impacts, and more. Firefighters have enough to worry about while on a mission that they shouldn’t have to wonder if their boots will hold up.

Features of Structure Firefighter Boots

To ensure that we offer the best fire boot brands, we only partner with Globe, the well-known firefighting equipment manufacturer with a long history of quality craftsmanship. Globe fire boots provide strong traction, extreme durability, and enough flexibility that firefighters can safely maneuver on nearly every type of surface. Firefighter PPE boots also stand up to flames and heat without melting, making them an essential piece of equipment that no firefighter can do without. You an also check out other types of firefighter footwear, including maintenance products and socks.

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