Product Notices & Warnings

Below are product safety notices and warnings from Curtis suppliers containing important information about equipment and gear. Also below are links to safety notice pages located on some of our suppliers' websites. Additionally, notices specific to California Proposition 65 and products containing PFAS are below. The Safety Data Sheets section contains a link to request SDS for product. If you have questions or concerns about a product, please contact us.





10/24/2023 | Petzl | Inspection Notice
Petzl ASTRO and CANYON GUIDE Harnesses


8/31/2023 | Ambu | Product Notice
Ambu King LTS-D Disposable Laryngeal Tube sizes 0, 1, 2 and 2-1/2


8/2023 | MSA Safety | User Safety Notice


7/2023 | MSA Safety | Inspection Notice
MSA V-TEC and V-EDGE Self-Retracting Lifelines


6/14/2023 | Hurst | eDRAULIC Ram Service Bulletin

Hurst eDRAULIC Ram Thread Disengagement


6/6/2023 | Mystery Ranch | Product Notice

Mystery Ranch Shelter Case Notice

Mystery Ranch Shelter Case Additional Information


5/25/2023 | ANSUL | Product Safety Notice
ANSUL SENTRY Water and SENTRY Industrial Extinguisher


5/23/2023 | Hurst | E3 & EWXT Battery Service Bulletin

Hurst E3 and EWXT Updated Battery Charging Instructions


1/18/2023 | Bullard | Product Update
Bullard TXS Thermal Imager - Firmware Update Available


12/21/2022 | CMC | Product Recall Notice

CMC ProSwivel Pulley


12/21/2022 | CMC | Product Safety Notice

CMC ProSwivel Pulley


12/2022 | CMC | Product Inspection Notice

CMC ProSwivel Pulley


11/29/2022 | CMC | Product Information Notice
CMC Skyper Tech Pack Part #441122 and Axum Tech Pack Part #441121


11/22/2022 | CMC | Product Safety Notice

CMC ATOM Chest Harness Part #202363


11/18/2022 | MSA | Portable Gas Detection Product Notice
MSA ALTAIR 4XR Battery Charge - Firmware Update Available


10/16/2022 | MSA | Portable Gas Detection Product Notice
MSA ALTAIR 4XR Battery Charge


10/11/2022 | Bullard | Product Update
Bullard TXS Dual Charger for TXS Thermal Imager


6/6/2022 | MSA Safety | Return for Service Notice
MSA G1 and C420 PAPR Units


2/14/2022 | Phillips | Urgent Medical Device Correction
Phillips M5071A (adult) and M5072A (infant/child) HS1/OnSite/Home AED Pads


2/3/2022 | MSA Safety | User Safety Notice
MSA G1 Regulator Hose Inspection


12/23/2021 | Polaris Industries | Safety Recall Notice
2020-2021 RANGER 1000 / RANGER XP 1000 Throttle Pedal


12/8/2021 | Hurst | Lithium-Ion Battery Notice
Hurst Lithium-Ion Battery Notice


12/7/2021 | CMC | Product Inspection Notice
CMC CLUTCH™ by HARKEN INDUSTRIAL™ Part #335011, #335013


10/20/2021 | TFT | Voluntary Inspection Notice
TFT EF1 RC Monitors Used With ER Nozzles


10/13/2021 | CMC | Product Inspection Notice

CMC ATOM Class III Harness


9/30/2021 | ANSUL | Safety Notice
ANSUL K-Guard Class-K Fire Extinguisher


7/26/2021 | CMC | Product Safety Notice

CMC ProSeries Aluminum Lock Carabiner Part #300273


4/30/2021 | MSA Safety | User Safety Notice
MSA Four Gas Calibration Cylinders (58L)


11/30/2020 | MSA Safety | User Notice
Reduced Longevity for Select MSA Flexi-Filters


9/2020 | Bullard | Product Notice
EVA Respirator System: 20LF Hood, CC20 Hood, FC4 Filter do not consistently comply with European Respiratory Requirements Standard (EN12941:1998 +A2:2008)


8/18/2020 | CMC | Product Notice


7/21/2020 | Petzl | Product Notice
Advise Inspection of Petzl Low-Stretch Kernmantle Ropes


3/2020 | Honeywell | Product Notice
Honeywell TITAN SCBA


3/2020 | Honda Power Equipment | Safety Recall Notice
EB2200i & EU2200i Portable Generators Short Circuit


2/27/2020 | Hurst | Product Notice
Akku Power EWXT Batteries (90-53-15) Sold Between 8/19/19 - 2/27/20


1/7/2020 | CMC | Product Advisory
3M™ DBI-SALA® EZ-Stop™ Shock Absorbing Lanyard


10/28/2019 | PELICAN PRODUCTS | Recall Notice
Pelican 3315R & 3315-RA Flashlights, plus 3319 Replacement Battery Pack Recall


10/7/2019 | Ziamatic | Recall Notice
Ziamatic "D" Cylinder Brackets Models QR-D-S and QR-TDS


9/18/2019 | PELICAN PRODUCTS | Recall Notice
Pelican 9410 & 9415 NiMH Flashlight Recall


7/22/2019 | CMC | Safety Notice
ProTech Aluminum Key-Lock Carabiner


6/27/2019 | Hurst P635 Electric Power Unit | Product Notice
P635 On-Off Switch


4/29/2019 | MSA Safety | Inspection Notice
MSA Latchways Web PFLs


3/12/2019 | PELICAN PRODUCTS | Safety Notice
Pelican 9460 & 9470 Remote Area Lighting Systems (2014 and earlier)


3/2019 | Honda Power Equipment | Recall Notice
Portable Generators (P/N EB2200i & EU2200i) | Fuel Leak From Fuel Valve


1/18/2019 | CMC | Recall Notice
CMC Flash™ Hook and FlashLite™ Hook (P/N 300980 & 300981)


12/3/18 | CMC | Safety Notice
Traverse Rescue Advantage Basket Stretcher (PN 11-0125A)


11/30/2018 | MSA Safety | Inspection Notice + Procedures
Universal Air Connection (UAC)/Quick-Fill® Couplers


11/21/2018 | Honeywell | Safety Notice
TITAN SCBA Emergency Breathing Safety System (EBSS)


8/10/2018 | MSA Safety | Safety Advisory (Updated)
MSA Green Colored V-Gard® Protective Caps


6/19/2018 | CMC | Recall Notice (Updated)
CSR2 Pulleys and Pulley Systems


6/2018 | CMC | Recall Notice
K9 ProSeries Rappel Harness


4/25/2018 | MSA Safety | Safety Notice
Stop Use - MSA Nuevo Wrap™ Eyewear


1/29/2018 | MSA Safety | Safety Notice
Stop Use - MSA Gravity® Welder Harness


Products we sell may have an applicable Safety Data Sheet (SDS) as prepared by the manufacturer of the product. Any handlers or users of product should refer to applicable SDS prior to handling or utilizing the product. Applicable SDS are included with shipment of products. To request an SDS, please contact Curtis or fill out a Request Form.



Proposition 65, officially the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, requires businesses to provide warnings to Californians about significant exposures to chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. These chemicals can be in the products that Californians purchase, in their homes or workplaces, or that are released into the environment. The warnings enable Californians to make informed decisions about their exposures to these chemicals.


The California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment established to provide the public with information on chemicals, products and locations often associated with Proposition 65 warnings. Visiting this website regularly will help you learn about these chemicals and how you can reduce your exposure to them. Proposition 65 and its regulations are posted at



The Fire and Emergency Manufacturers and Services Association, Inc. (FEMSA) promotes a Personal Responsibility Code. Unauthorized use is strictly forbidden.