The shape of the traditional firefighter helmet offers protection from multiple environmental elements.

Traditional Firefighter Helmets

Protect your head with a traditional fire helmet from Curtis - Tools for Heroes. Our selection of traditional firefighter helmets includes only the highest quality headgear made of fiberglass composite, providing a durable shield between your head and the dangers of a structural fire. We also make it easy for firefighters to style their helmet to their preferences, including color choices and protective additions like eye shields, visors, and goggles. Looking for additional helmet equipment? Check out our mounted lights and helmet accessories to completely outfit your traditional helmet.

Fire Helmets in the Traditional Style

Why choose a traditional style fire helmet? Traditional firefighter helmets have ridges in the dome that help reinforce the outer shell, while the brim on the back of the helmet extends out to better channel running water from the top of the helmet. At Curtis - Tools for Heroes, our traditional structural firefighting helmets come from MSA Cairns, the highest-trusted brand in the field. We also provide an ARFF (Air Rescue Firefighting) configured traditional fire helmet with an aluminized helmet cover and shroud from Bullard. If you need to repair your helmet, we also carry a wide variety of helmet parts.

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