• Cairns 880 Tradition Fire Helmet, black with Bourke's Eye Shield up with yellow Nomex Earlaps


    Cairns 880 Traditional Fire Helmet

    Cairns 880 Tradition Fire Helmet The low-ride Cairns 880 fire helmet design creates a low profile for superior clearance and maneuverability. The tough, high-temperature thermoplastic fire helmet shell is resistant to chipping and cracking. Lightweight...
    $415.13 - $500.25
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  • 1044 CAIRNS_Black!01


    MSA Cairns 1044 Traditional Composite Fire Helmet

    The MSA Cairns 1044 traditional fire helmet has the perfect combination of durability and performance desired by firefighters. Constructed from through-color fiberglass composite material, this high-performance matte finish design resists cracking and...
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  • Bullard AX UST Series Fire Helmet - Traditional ARFF AXUST BULRD at Curtis - Tools for Heroes


    Bullard AX UST Series Fire Helmet - Traditional ARFF

    ARFF configured UST Model (traditional) fire helmet with 6-inch gold Faceshield, aluminized helmet cover, and shroud.The AX helmet is a specialized fire helmet whose components are designed to meet the needs of Air Rescue Firefighting (ARFF). The AX...
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