The time-tested design of the structural helmet keeps it a favorite among firefighters.

Structural Firefighter Helmets

The structural fire helmet plays a critical role in firefighter safety. Structural helmets consist of the tried-and-true firefighter helmet design - an exterior shell providing protection cushioned by a built-in suspension system and held on by a chin strap - but have a specialized construction that offers the best defense against structure fires. Structural fire helmets come in different materials and styles, including traditional helmets, leather helmets, jet style helmets, and modern helmets.

High-Quality Fire Helmets

Whether fighting a commercial or residential structure fire, firefighters are exposed to extreme heat, flames, smoke, soot, and other dangerous airborne particulates. Firefighters can outfit their structural helmets with accessories to improve the helmet’s safety and efficiency, such as eye protection and mounted lights. At Curtis - Tooles for Heroes, we only provide options from the best firefighter structural helmet manufacturers, including Bullard and MSA Cairns

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