Shine a light on any situation. Curtis has a wide array of light options for the firefighter, safety worker or home use. Our light selection features situational lights such as area lights, scene lights, right angle lights, headlamps, strobe lights and helmet mounted lights. Also more utilitarian and everyday lights including lanterns, tactical lights, handheld lights plus all the batteries, chargers, parts and accessories to keep your light functional and equipped. 

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  • 3765B PELICAN_media!01


    Pelican 3765 Right Angle Light

    The Pelican 3765 Right-Angle LED Rechargeable Flashlight Features 4 mode LED technology NFPA Compliant 1901 Rechargeable NiMH Pack Also Operates on 4 Standard AA Alkaline Batteries Safety Approved Battery Level Indicating Switch Lifetime Guarantee...
    $195.13 - $205.19
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  • XPP-5458G NIGHTSTICK_media!01


    Nightstick [Zone 0] IS Permissible Dual-Light Headlamp

    This Dual-Light™ multi-function headlamp is cETLus, ATEX, IECEx, UKCA, and MSHA listed Intrinsically Safe Permissible. The headlamp features a multi-position tilt-head design, a rear-mounted battery compartment, and includes both an elastic head...
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    Pelican Right Angle Light

    The Glow-In-The-Dark 3410 and the Yellow 3415 Right Angle Lights are equipped with both a spot and flood LED for close-up as well as distance, so you can have wide area light in the immediate work area and still penetrate darkness hundreds of yards away...
    $43.31 - $51.63
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  • Hurst Jaws of Life Scout Light

    Hurst Jaws of Life

    Hurst Jaws of Life Scout Light

    Hurst Jaws of Life Scout Light The HURST Jaws of Life Scout is a tactical LED scene light with a patent pending that is intended to improve the safety of firefighters and emergency responders. You may place it on the ground. It should be hung on a door...
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  • Pelican 2370 LED Tactical Flashlight, front view


    Pelican 2370 LED Tactical Flashlight

    Pelican 2370 LED Tactical Flashlight The Pelican 2370 LED Tactical Flashlight: It keeps you dialed in to the action. The 2370 is programmable and is equipped with 3 white light modes (High, Strobe, Low). The 4 different programs allow for personal...
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  • Pelican 2350 LED Tactical Flashlight


    Pelican 2350 LED Tactical Flashlight

    Pelican 2350 LED Tactical Flashlight Get a grip on LED performance. Pelican's 2350 LED Flashlight emits up to 178 lumens of concentrated light. Powered by one AA alkaline battery, it's one of the brightest flashlights in its class. At only 4.23", you'll...
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  • Pelican 2750CC Headlamp, front view 1


    Pelican 2750CC Headlamp

    Pelican 2750CC Headlamp When you can't tell one color cable from another, the job could be jeopardized. You can now rely on Pelican select flashlights with new Correct Color technology to eliminate ambiguity. Typical LED lights can provide a strong beam...
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  • Pelican 2389 Replacement Battery


    Pelican 2389 Replacement Battery

    Pelican 2389 Replacement Battery Replacement lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Compatible with: 2780R Headlamp 5050R Flashlight 7000 Tactical Flashlight 7600 Tactical Flashlight 7610 Tactical Flashlight 7620 Tactical Flashlight
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  • Pelican 2760 Headlamp, front view


    Pelican 2760 Headlamp

    Pelican 2760 Headlamp The new 2760 LED headlamp. At the touch of a button, you can activate multi-beam capabilities. It's the one headlamp that can do everything. Durable, lightweight, and ultra brilliant, having high, medium, and low lighting modes, as...
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  • Pelican 5020 Flashlight, front angled view


    Pelican 5020 Flashlight

    Pelican 5020 Flashlight The new Pelican™ 5020 flashlight is equipped with flood-to-spot technology: The flood position casts a large beam to illuminate your work area, while the spot position creates a long-distance focused beam. Use the 5020...
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