The Curtis Specialty category is designed to offer specific function products hand selected by our team to meet the needs of specific roles or functions. Prepare for Wildland, EMS, Firefighter Training, Hazmat, Hydration and Rehab, Rescue, Disaster Preparedness or Home, Land and Workplace Safety to find curated products specifically for you. 

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  • MSA G1 RIT System


    MSA G1 RIT System

    Built for extreme conditions the MSA G1 RIT Systems meet the needs of Rapid Intervention Teams (RITs) and provides firefighters with emergency breathing air within almost any situation quickly and easily. Versatile systems enables selection of the right...
    $4,524.03 - $5,963.61
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  • True North Single Universal Radio Harness 01

    True North

    True North Single Universal Radio Harness

    The Single Universal Radio Harness features a hook and loop closure front pocket for spare battery clamshells or other small items. Half-moon zippered opening allows easy access to the main pocket which features an internal organizer pocket. Elastic...
  • JR Fire Tools Chingadera, Straight Handle

    JR Fire Tools

    JR Fire Tools Chingadera

    40” S-Shaped Handle 40” Ergonomic "S-Shaped" Hickory Handle (Aggressive Chopping) Weight 5.3 lbs. 48” Straight Handle 48” Straight Ash Handle (Chopping) Weight 5.0 lbs. Chingadera Head 9.5” wide cupped head with a...
  • CMC Static-Pro Lifeline Rope, Blue / White


    CMC Static-Pro Lifeline Rope

    An extremely low-stretch kernmantle rescue lifeline constructed of 100% high-tenacity polyester fiber. The polyester fibers do not absorb water, so there is no loss of strength or increase in weight if the rope gets wet. With less than 2% stretch at 300...
    $1.32 - $1.52
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  • Simulaids Rescue Randy 01


    Simulaids Rescue Randy

    Rescue Randy was developed for lifelike adult or juvenile victim handling, transportation, and extrication training. These 5 ft. 5" manikins can be safely used in situations too hazardous or uncomfortable for human volunteers. Made of durable vinyl with...
    $1,102.95 - $1,658.95
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  • CMC Prusik Cord and Load Release Hitch Cord, Orange


    CMC Prusik Cord and Load Release Hitch Cord

    CMC's Prusik Cord has the right balance of suppleness for reliable activation but is not so soft that it wears out rapidly. Made of nylon with torque-free kernmantle construction, it comes in solid colors to help differentiate between cords designed for...
    $0.76 - $1.04
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  • Ringers Rope Rescue Gloves R-355, Red / Black


    Ringers Rope Rescue Gloves R-353 & R-355

    Unique gel padding rope control channel Patented SuperCuff design Pittard's Armortan palm Premium synthetic leather palm and fingertip patches Kevlar stitching Neoprene padded knuckles Incredible fingertip dexterity allows knot untying without removing...
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  • 5.11 Tactical COVRT18 2.0 Backpack, Black

    5.11 Tactical

    5.11 Tactical COVRT18 2.0 Backpack

    Whether you’re working in harsh environments or want a pack with a discreet The 5.11 Tactical COVRT18™ 2.0 Backpack will meet the needs for both. On the outside you’ll find contemporary features like dual water bottle pockets and a...
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  • CMC Tactical Rappel Harness 1


    CMC Tactical Rappel Harness

    Tactical Rappel Harness™ is a simple one-size-fits-most harness that features an all-black web and buckles.The low-profile design provides a snug, secure fit that can be worn all the time or donned quickly when needed. Web attachment point at...
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  • CMC Lifeline Rope


    CMC Lifeline Rope

    Lifeline features the optimum balance of strength, handling, and durability with minimum sheath slippage, this 100% nylon kernmantle rescue rope offers excellent knot ability and provides a high level of control when used with a descent control device...
    $1.30 - $206.00
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