Curtis - Tools for Heroes, offers all the essentials firefighters need for water flow. Fire hoses for different applications - attack hose, booster hose, rack hose, suction hose, supply hose wildland hose and the fire hose accessories to support your equipment. Our water flow selection also covers nozzles from automatic to smooth bore and fixed and selectable gallonage. Water flow monitors, foam, hydrants, pumps, tanks, hardware and water flow tools help round out the category. Get the water flow products you need from the brands you trust from Curtis. 

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  • Akron Portable By-Pass Eductor

    Akron Brass

    Akron Portable By-Pass Eductor

    The Akron By-Pass Eductor has a built-in by-pass chamber, allowing the operator to change from water to foam without shutting down. 95 GPM (360 LPM) Length: 18" Weight: 20 lbs. Brass with chrome trim 8 quick-change handle positions with a Swing-Out...
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  • United Fire 2.5"NH Threaded Cap

    United Fire

    United Fire 2.5"NH Threaded Cap

    Designed to prevent exposure and damage to male hose threads and prevent entry of debris and foreign matter in areas where theft of expensive brass parts is prevalent. 2.5" male thread Sturdy plated attaching chain Do not pressurize
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  • Akron Piercing Applicator 1

    Akron Brass

    Akron Piercing Applicator

    Designed to get water or foam into hidden trouble spots. The driving button and point are made of hardened tool steel with impinging jets for a dense fog pattern. Plus it’s compatible with Class A and B foams. Weight: 11 lbs. Swivel Inlet 1 1/2''...
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  • S&H Crown Tip Smooth Bore Nozzle 1

    S & H Fire Products

    S&H Crown Tip Smooth Bore Nozzle

    These lightweight firefighting nozzle tips are constructed with anodized aluminum for use in wildland and structure firefighting applications. It is available with 1″ and 1.5″ inlets in either NH or NPSH threads. Available in NPSH or NH...
    $79.25 - $83.62
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  • TFT G-Force Two Piece Nozzle with Tip & Shutoff, with pistol grip


    TFT G-Force Two Piece Nozzle with Tip & Shutoff

    Two-piece nozzle design with combination nozzle tip combined with full flow ball shutoff valve with six detent flow positions, also available with pistol grip. Fixed Pressure and Flow - Optimal straight stream and fog pattern performance are achieved at...
    $655.00 - $714.00
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  • TFT Swivel Storz x Swivel Female Rocker Lug Elbow


    TFT Swivel Storz x Swivel Female Rocker Lug Elbow

    Swivel Storz to Swivel Female Rocker Lug Elbow. TFT AH Series Storz elbows are cast to a 30-degree down angle for easy connection and to relieve the weight of the hose when connected. Their maximum operating pressure is 300 psi and they are compliant to...
    $330.00 - $516.00
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  • TFT FlipTip TIP ONLY


    TFT FlipTip TIP ONLY

    Task Force Tips new FlipTip line offers the Tip-Only Model which is the ideal choice for an addition to any ball valve shut-off. With the choice of two smoothbore combinations, the FlipTip quickly and positively allows the initial attack team a choice of...
    $825.00 - $900.00
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  • TFT A3850 3 Wrench Bracket Set


    TFT A3850 3 Wrench Bracket Set

    The TFT A3850 3 Wrench Bracket Set is made of lightweight cast aluminum that mounts to apparatuses for easy accessibility. Features quick, snap-action release. Holds two A3813 Universal Spanner Wrenches and one Hydrant Wrench.
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