Every firefighter needs a dependable helmet to protect their head when responding to a call.

All Types of Firefighter Helmets

Among the many pieces of firefighter PPE, the right helmet maximizes head protection while allowing firefighters to optimize it further with eye protection, mounted lights, and other helmet accessories. With all of the different emergency situations that firefighters find themselves in, Curtis - Tools for Heroes carries various types of firefighting headgear, including structural helmets, rescue helmets, wildland helmets, and presentation helmets. We also carry a wide selection of firefighter helmet parts, making it easy to repair damaged fire helmets.

The Best Firefighter Helmets

Firefighters can find helmets for every occasion and emergency situation at Curtis - Tools for Heroes. We work with the best brands in the field, including Cairns, Bullard, and Team Wendy, ensuring that whether fighting a structural fire or engaging in USAR (urban search and rescue), every firefighter has high-quality head PPE.

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