Introducing the MSA Cairns 1836 Fire Helmet

Introducing the MSA Cairns 1836 Fire Helmet

Apr 4th 2024

Introducing the MSA Cairns 1836 Fire Helmet, from the company that brought you the popular firefighting helmets - Cairns 1010 Firefighting Helmet and Cairns 1044 Firefighting helmet

MSA, one of the most trusted brand names in firefighting PPE and supplies, has created an innovative new fire helmet that meets the needs of the modern firefighter.

The Cairns 1836 Fire Helmet is now available at Curtis - Tools for Heroes in a variety of colors and options. This lightweight firefighter helmet offers a low ride height for a more comfortable wear and offers a newly designed anchor base for quick assembly and disassembly. Firefighters can also place and remove Quick-Connect soft goods, earlaps, and other accessories for easy cleaning of the new Cairns 1836 Fire Helmet.

Among the many options for this structural firefighter helmet, the new articulating Defender Visor comes in clear or amber and protects your eyes from smoke, debris, heat, and more. This helmet visor is adjustable to fit a wide range of face shapes and sizes and can even fit over prescription glasses. The visor articulates 14 degrees forward and back so you can maneuver it out of the way when needed.

The new Cairns 1836 Fire Helmet offers customization options to fit the heads of 95% of firefighters. An expanded, pivoting ratchet lets firefighters adjust their helmet to fit their head comfortably with the necessary space to wear over a hood and with a facepiece.

Upgrade your structural turnout gear with a helmet that combines traditional design with innovative benefits. The Cairns 1836 Fire Helmet lives up to the quality and durability firefighters expect from MSA while also offering more comfort than previous fire helmets.

Find out more about how you can add the Cairns 1836 Fire Helmet to your line-up of professional firefighting PPE by clicking here.