Seven Small but Highly Useful Additions to Your Firefighter Tool Kit

Seven Small but Highly Useful Additions to Your Firefighter Tool Kit

Oct 7th 2023

The tools of a firefighter make a huge difference in an effective and efficient mission. While firefighters use fire axes, cutters, and other hand tools, they can also stuff their pockets with gear that makes every rescue easier. Take a look at these seven easy-to-carry firefighter tools that make great additions to your firefighting tool kit.

1. Gear Keeper Fire Mic Keeper - Stud Mount


This Gear Keeper Fire Mic Keeper by Hammerhead provides you with an easy way to access your mic so you can stay in communication with your crew. After attaching your mic to it, you can quickly and easily grab your mic, use it, then release it. The mic keeper keeps your mic safe with a retractable stainless steel cable coated in nylon for extra protection.

2. Turtle Plastics Sprinkler Wedge

Turtle Plastics Sprinkler Wedge

Resembling a doorstop, this Turtle Plastics sprinkler wedge can keep doors open, but also stop a sprinkler head from releasing more water. Small, light, and easy to carry, the multiple uses for this sprinkler wedge make it a great addition to the tools used by firefighters.

3. Fire DoorJamm


While handi wedges can keep a door closed or open, the Fire DoorJamm also makes it easy for firefighters to mark rooms as cleared. This tool attaches to the door handles on either side of a door, with the middle section of it wrapping around the latch bolt and keeping the door from closing. After handling the fire, you can go back and retrieve the Fire DoorJamm for use again and again.

4. TFT Res-Q-Rench

TFT Res-Q-Rench

The TFT Res-Q-Rench combines multiple tools in one handy apparatus. Firefighters can use this multitool as a seat belt cutter, window punch, spanner wrench, and shutoff tool for gas and oxygen. The tool also includes a Hose Hook, making it easier for firefighters to manage hose rolls safely and easily.

5. Channellock 9” Rescue Tool 86

Channellock 9” Rescue Tool 86

Another versatile and easy-to-carry multitool, the Channellock 9” Rescue Tool 86 can cut wires and cables, shut off gas safety valves, pry open windows and doors, and loosen hose couplings. With Channellock’s XLT Joint, firefighters can use less physical force to accomplish their goals, even with just one hand.

6. Fire Hooks Unlimited Elevator Key Set


This elevator key set by Fire Hooks Unlimited places 12 different types of elevator keys on a single keyring. Most elevator manufacturers will use one of these 12 types, meaning that you won’t need to slow down your rescue efforts to get an elevator key from a building owner. This key set will last for years, and each key has been coated in a gold-colored plate to protect against rusting.

This product is only available to Municipal and Federal Government agencies for express use during an emergency response.

7. Streamlight Wedge EDC Pocket Light

Streamlight Wedge EDC Pocket Light

Small enough to fit in your pocket but powerful enough to light your way, the Streamlight Wedge EDC Pocket Light uses a rotating thumb switch so firefighters can use a constant 300 lumens or turn on the THRO (Temporarily Heightened Regulated Output) light with 1,000 lumens. The shape of this flashlight makes it easy to hold and carry, with a deep carry pocket clip to keep it in place.

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Firefighters can greatly improve the ease and efficiency of their rescue missions by adding these small but handy additions to their firefighter tool kit. However, firefighters also need tools too large to fit in their pockets, like hand tools, thermal imagers, and more.

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