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  • TFT Jumbo Barrel Strainer A02 TFT at Curtis - Tools for Heroes


    TFT Jumbo Barrel Strainer

    Heavy duty barrel strainer gives maximum flow capability. The impact resistant polymer won’t dent when dropped and won’t corrode even in contaminated water. The wavy straining pattern resists debris sucking fl at against the holes. 240 holes...
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  • WATERAX B-5258 2 in. Aluminum Foot Valve & Strainer FOOT VALVE WATERAX at Curtis - Tools for Heroes


    WATERAX B-5258 2 in. Aluminum Foot Valve & Strainer

    The B5258 2" NPSH Aluminum Foot Valve and Strainer is a spring-loaded check valve, capable of holding a water head equal to 300 PSI. Designed with an ear hole for ease of tying to a floatation device in order to prevent suction of debris. Specifically...
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  • Ziamatic 6 Inch NH QUIC-DRAFT Suction Strainer 01


    Ziamatic 6" NH QUIC-DRAFT Suction Strainer

    Ziamatic 6″ storz suction strainer permits full use of available water sources down to 1.5″.Suction is unaffected by surface turbulence and a built-in screen keeps debris outside of the unit. The coupling can be adjusted and locked through a...
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  • Ziamatic Floating Strainers 01


    Ziamatic Floating Strainers

    Drafts water from virtually any source, deep or shallow, ensuring you get a sufficient volume of water from pools, ponds, portable tanks, and more. Strainer can be detached from the float to use alone, for storage purposes, or to leave connected to the...
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